Beauty of Flooram Superior Resilient Floor


  • Proper acclimatization of the vinyl material is recommended.
  • Vinyl flooring should be stored flat at room temperature.
  • Newly screed cement flooring should be allowed to dry completely before installation of vinyl flooring.
  • The sub-floor should not contain more than 5% moisture.
  • Ensure that the sub-floor is level and smooth to ensure a nice finishing.
  • Vinyl flooring will follow the contour of your sub-floor and may look wavy if your sub-floor is not level.
  • Grout lines not level with the tiles should be filled e.g. ceramic tiles.
  • It is recommended to have self levelling compound applied to level and smoothen your sub-floor.

  • Installation of vinyl flooring should not be carried out before interior renovation works (including painting works) are completed to prevent accidental damages to the flooring during any works carried out.
  • Upon completion of vinyl flooring installation, protect the flooring with proper floor covering to prevent the vinyl flooring from being damage or scratched during renovation works carried out, e.g. carpentry installation.

Flooram quick installation without adhesive. Click system technology license by Valinge 2G (patented)

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