Warranty Registration

We provide a minimum of 10 years warranty on all our Flooram floorings, for as long as the conditions of use fall under the classification according to the EN685 standard. Register your warranty now by filling out the form below.


The Warranty is conditional on the following:
  • That the Flooram floor has been professionally installed by a qualified installer. Qualified installer status is obtained when an installer has achieved a National Vocational Qualification in Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring installation at Level 2 or above.
  • That the Flooram  floor has been installed in accordance with the directions contained within the Flooram , BS8203 (the standard for installation of resilient flooring) and using Flooram  approved adhesives.
  • That the floor is used domestically and has been regularly maintained, using approved products and following the current guidelines.
  • That precautions have been taken to prevent indentation from heavy point loading (e.g.furniture) and excess surface scratching.


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